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Get ready to awaken the ultimate NFT crew – the DeadMan Gang has arrived! This isn’t just another collection; it’s your chance to own a piece of the coolest skeletal uprising on the blockchain.

Imagine a legion of 7,500 unique, 3D-rendered skeletons unlike anything you’ve seen before. Each DeadMan boasts a killer combination of traits, making them stand out from the bony crowd:

Spooky outfits and accessories

Menacing grins, goofy smiles, or even no grins at all!

– Wicked weapon choices from rusty swords to high-tech blasters!

These aren’t just NFTs – they’re your gateway to a thriving community and a chance to be part of something special from the very beginning.

Why join the DeadMan Gang at launch?

– Be an Early Adopter: Get in on the ground floor of a promising NFT project with exciting potential.

Own a Unique Piece: Each DeadMan is one-of-a-kind, with its own killer style.

Shape the Future: Early holders have a voice in the DeadMan Gang’s development.

Exclusive Community: Join the DeadMan Gang Discord and connect with fellow collectors!

Don’t miss out on your chance to be a founding member of the DeadMan Gang!

Mint your unique NFT on OpenSea today and become part of the afterlife’s hottest crew.

This uprising is just getting started!

Mint Your DeadMan Now!

See you on the blockchain!

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Showroom: 351/7 Lê Văn Sỹ, Phường 13, Quận 3, TP.HCM

Văn Phòng: 23/114 TTN 18, Phường Tân Thới Nhất, Quận 12, TP.HCM

Mã số thuế : 0303171205

Điện thoại : 028-36364359

Di động : 0931852499

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